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I am an International Teacher, Speaker and Spiritual Coach
Guiding people to find life-changing answers to 3 core questions:

What do you REALLY want?
What is stopping you?
What consistent, daily actions will lead you towards a meaningful, purpose-driven life?

I specialise in high quality decision-making, teaching practical tools designed to tap into your true potential. I've worked with hundreds of people, guiding them to transform destructive inner dialogue and limiting beliefs, connect to intuition and manifest their purpose as they expand their influence in the world.

The result is an ever growing ability to choose what is right for you
with clarity, confidence and ever increasing impact.
This means more inner peace, more success
(*a tricky word until we redefine what it means for you and what you want)
more energy, more passion, more joy.

Over the past 15 years, I've led a wide variety of courses and seminars
on topics such as
How to transform your money beliefs
How to move from Doubt to Destiny
How to manage your Inner Critic (and other deeply opinionated voices in your head.)
How to connect and use your Intuition
How to find your True Purpose and
How to lead a more meaningful, motivated life
I also have my private practice, working online / in-person with people who are ready to
Unravel old beliefs in order to live the life they were meant to lead.

I am a proud co-author of the #1 Amazon International Bestseller "U Empath You".
And for the past 30+ years, I reside (mainly) in Israel, happily married and mother to three extraordinary human beings.

Masterclass: From Doubt to Destiny