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Linda Mbagwu
Linda Mbagwu

Linda has often been described by her clients as the last coach you’ll ever need!

Over the past 10 years, Linda has undertaken extensive personal and professional development training and developed her own signature POWER framework which identifies the one key limiting belief running people’s lives. With this as a foundation, she teaches individuals how to become their own coach and to align their personal and professional lives with their purpose. The framework provides a simple set of tools that heighten awareness and create independence from ingrained patterns - resulting in space for big, bold actions that leads to new possibilities in all areas of life.

Linda has worked with purpose-driven CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and consultants from around the world, who felt they were stuck in various aspects of their life. The purpose process and tools have made a life-changing difference to Linda’s clients, who have identified their root trigger and achieved emotional freedom and personal and professional success.

Linda is passionate about having her clients meet their full potential and power – and she approaches her coaching with a unique combination of both frank and fearless guidance, and love and compassion.

Linda was born in Nigeria and moved to London at the age of 6. Linda’s coaching draws on her own personal and professional experiences including taking herself from being homeless, depressed and suicidal to growing a multimillion-pound executive recruitment business – and transforming herself and her relationships. Linda holds a degree in business from Manchester Metropolitan University. Linda travels widely and currently resides in Tulum, Mexico.

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