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Karen Mills-Alston
Karen Mills-Alston

A daughter and granddaughter of Practitioners in the New Thought-Ageless Wisdom tradition of spirituality, Karen Mills-Alston has literally been on her spiritual path since childhood. In her award-winning three-book series, 10 Principles for a Life Worth Living she shares the rich legacy of three generations of women who have devoted their lives to spiritual principles and practices. 

Karen is the Co-CEO of TGH: The Good House, a well-being and multimedia company creating inspirational books, content, and podcasts and co-hosts Say Something Good: The Good News Podcast. 

Licensed as an Agape Practitioner in 2007, Karen serves on Agape’s Board of Trustees and is an instructor in Agape’s Practitioner 1 Student Studies. Designated a master teacher by Michael Bernard Beckwith he says Karen has “a consistent inner groundedness that outwardly expresses as spiritual elegance.”

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