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Joanne Sprott
Joanne Sprott

Hi, I’m Joanne Sprott.

I’m a soul spark higher and and mentor for your creative expression.

I’ve walked a winding path toward inner harmony, with a blending of mythology, cosmology, and archetypal awareness as my companions along the way. I love to follow the common threads that unite the human mind and heart in our relative universe.

My connection to universal wisdom offer you space to connect with and express from your own soul.
Rest in the hammock of my nonjudgment, then take positive action in your own time.

Let’s explore your possibilities and feel that resonance, that universal frequency, that will set you free, inside and outside.

Through one-on-one and small group conversations and workshops, I support your practical practices to foster your soul’s inner harmony.

I tend your creative spark until you can feed the larger star of the creative being you know you really are.

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