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Jenn Shull, The Bold Thing
Jenn Shull, The Bold Thing

Jenn Shull, MA, RYT 200, is a professionally trained life and leadership coach, with an emphasis on ontology, and certified yoga teacher. She also holds a BS in Behavioral Psychology and Criminal Justice, as well as comprehensive experience in trauma, neuroscience and counseling/therapy. But those are just words on paper. Jenn takes her immense knowledge and puts it into action.

Jenn's approach to coaching is unique. She blends ontological life and leadership coaching with behavioral psychology and neuroscience, which tends to be a powerful combination so that your transformation will last for a lifetime. For those who prefer it, yoga and yoga principles (which may include breath-work, body postures, and visualization) will be integrated into the coaching sessions – so we can rewire your brain and open your heart in an even bigger way. If we only work with the mind, we won’t get as far!

Rewiring your brain takes time, practice and accountability–because mindset work isn’t positive thinking on top of your past baggage. coaching services are designed to interrupt your self sabotaging patterns and create new ways of operating in the world so you can boldly create the results you desire. If you’re already getting what you want, maybe it’s about having a more enjoyable time going after it… Perhaps it’s about making things like joy and rest priorities if they’re not already…

This type of approach works for all goals. Jenn has supported people to leaving cushy corporate jobs and launching wildly successful businesses to standing for people to fall in love with themselves and redesign an entirely new existence.

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