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All of my offerings are grounded in compassion, creativity, and authenticity. I am not someone to make you feel that grief is something that you need to "get over with already." Grief and the pain of loss are natural. The new "rhythms" of life will present themselves, and this can feel unsettling. I notice this natural process like the transition of the seasons. Grief has no limits or boundaries, and at times can be misunderstood by those who love you the most, even by professionals in the health and wellness world. Remember that grief is an experience that wants to be witnessed, not fixed by others.

I am here to support you by coming underneath and helping you build roots to walk alongside your grief. Witnessing loss is like a relationship with no timeline, or expectations, and cannot be "solved" or fixed. Grief can be nourished with people and words, and from those things, you and your heart already know how to do.

—​Jaqueline Villegas, Creative Grief Guide