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Mentor of the Feminine Art of Pleasure and Prosperity, in Love, Life & Legacy.
Master facilitator of spiritual channeling, meditation, breath, transformational dance and healing.
Author of: "The Four Sacred Laws of Sexual Enlightenment".

The feminine is most powerful and productive when operating from a space of pleasure and ease.
Transcend stress to blessed.
Create from a source of peacefulness and joy.

Sacred Sexuality:
Sexual energy goes beyond the act of sex. It is our creative life force energy... the very root of our physical existence.
We are divine eternal Beings who's physical existence is sexually transmitted.
Just like a tree, when our root are constricted or contracted in anyway, we hold back to protect this vulnerable aspect of ourselves. When we are holding back... we are holding back period.

  • Learn to master the integral connection of your Divinity and Sexual energy.
  • Transcend wounding of the past to peace in the present.
  • Expand orgasmic potential and depth of spiritual connection.
  • Awaken to the full beauty and power of your sacred sexual creative life force energy.

For Couples... deepen the love you already have with the secrets of Tantric Intimacy.