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Gila Nehemia is an intuitive Divine Feminine channel. She has dedicated her life from a young age to share her healing light through her poetry, books, videos, and conscious collaboration. She channels her words and heart energy from Source to heal and guide you to open up to your creative gifts to transform your life and raise human consciousness. Her mentoring focuses on trusting your internal GPS, intuition, body, and heart. Her guidance helps you to increase awareness of your own divine body and heal traumatic wounds through writing, movement, meditation, breathwork, and self-affirmations.

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10 months ago
Listen to my latest podcast! Available on Youtube,, Audible, Amazon Music, Castbox, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more! Take the time today to listen to your body, mind, and heart for the wisdom to step into deeper Divine Balance. It is time to release the old patterns and mental stories that are keeping you in stress or in fight/flight mode. When you feel the whisper of anxiety, depression, or overwhelm step into it. Acknowledge its presence and know it is not you. It is a version of you that has not healed or is releasing generational trauma or old wounds. Do the inner work to release it in a sacred way. State that you are done with it. Connect with me to assist you to release anything that is not serving you. Use this Full Moon energy to write release statements and burn them safely or tear them up. Meditate on surrendering them to the Divine or your angels. The energy is filled with stardust and possibilities allow yourself to receive it with conscious awareness and creation!
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