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Genea Barnes
Genea Barnes

Your subconscious mind remembers everything that’s ever happened to you.

It’s the subconscious mind that drives you home when you are lost in your thoughts (or feel stressed, tired, or depleted.)

If you want to go somewhere new… It’s your conscious mind you must activate to reach your desired destination.

That’s because the subconscious mind operates only on past emotions and memories. It only has the past to go on.

It’s what keeps you in your comfort zone and makes you feel uneasy when you try something new.

This programming makes it difficult to create permanent change by willpower alone.

If you’re sick of always taking two steps forward and three steps back…

And if you desire a life free from getting in your own way and self-sabotage holding yourself back from doing what you want to do…

You have to rewire your subconscious mind first if you want lasting change.

Genea Barnes Elevate Subconscious mind expert
That’s why I help your subconscious mind work with your conscious mind instead of against it.

Through the Elevation Method, you will gain the ability to breakthrough and change your life for the better.

Are you ready to start feeling excited and motivated to create the life you KNOW you deserve?

Book a FREE Step UP call and let’s use the power of the subconscious mind to make things happen for you!

What is Elevation?

Elevation is…
the rising of who you are really meant to be.

As an Unconscious Mind Expert,
I help you get to the root of what’s holding you back and eliminate it from your unconscious.

By working directly with the unconscious mind, I’m able to quickly and gently end:

-Self-sabotaging behaviors preventing you from reaching your goals.
-Emotional triggers causing intense emotional reactions.
-Unwanted patterns and limiting beliefs keeping you from getting all you desire.
-Low self worth that’s keeping you from saying no without guilt, setting healthy boundaries, or feeling like you enough.

I use Nuero Design Engineering, NLP, hypnosis, as well as, teachings from personal development, transformation, neuroscience, and my experience to support my clients.

I believe that getting what you want should be easy.

Genea Barnes Elevate Subconscious mind expert
During my teenage years, I struggled with hopelessness, depression, and suicidal thoughts. This pattern followed me into adulthood too.

My own path of healing and transformation led me to try all the healing things. Talk therapy, courses, workshops, tons of self-development books, and more. All roads led to white knuckling, denial, and powering through my struggles.

In my quest to feel better, I got my first taste of subconscious mind healing and I discovered the hidden scripts underneath the surface. Every unconscious shift opened up new possibilities in my life. I was radically changed. I was so happy. So clear. And truly confident for the first time ever.

Now as an unconscious mind expert and creator of the Elevation Method, I help you discover and eliminate exactly what’s holding you back – so you gain true happiness and success in your life.

Through my signature framework I have helped people just like you take control over their life and destiny.


**I am driving down the highway, when out-of-the-blue, for no reason, I start crying hysterically. The emotions come so fast and hard that I can barely see. My body shakes and convulses and I try to stay on the road. **

As long as I can remember, I hid a deep sense of unworthiness beneath a sunny and strong exterior. When people suffered, I struggled, and needed to fix it.

At six, I organized a coop to help a timid boy confront the school bully and take back his life. And during my bartending years, I provided insight that helped people break through walls.

In my thirties, I fell into an unstable relationship that activated ALL of my unconscious childhood wounds, fears, and beliefs. Saturated with a desperate need to be heard and understood, my insides swirled into a tornado of insecurity, abandonment, and feeling not enough.

I played tough on the outside, but the internal monsters were coming for dinner.

Breaking through the walls that keep you trapped can be terrifying, but when the monsters bear down, you either break through or get eaten.

I stood up and took responsibility for my life the way I had shown the timid boy so many years earlier.

I leveled up, and things got easier.

A year later, I found myself traveling the country photographing anything and everything related to death: Ghost Bikes, abandoned buildings, cemeteries, and even roadkill. My unconscious mind was trying to tell me something.

A few weeks into the trip, I am driving down the highway, when out-of-the-blue, for no reason, I start crying hysterically. The emotions come so fast and hard that I can barely see. My body shakes and convulses and I try to stay on the road.

It happens over and over, and eventually flashes of memory accompany the emotions.

This was not the first time traumatic memories from the past bubbled up from the depths of my unconscious. And like before, the pieces would eventually come together and I remembered.

I am four-years-old, and my best friend is a Vietnam Vet junkie named Carl. I pop into his house excited to sing songs and tell stories like usual, but he is doubled over, sick and in pain. I try to help. But he tells me to go home, then groans saying he wants something sweet and feels like he’s going to die.

I mishear him.

I run to my house, jump on the counter, open the cabinet in a panic looking for the sugar. Just then, my mom comes in and asks, “Genea, what are you doing?” Through hysterical tears, I try to explain that Carl will die unless I bring him something sweet.

She mishears me.

My mom, thinking Carl is a little boy that lives up the street, sits me down and says, “That boy will not kill himself. He is manipulating you, and you will not bring him food.”

I do as I am told.

A couple nights later, I wake in the middle of the night, knowing something is terribly wrong. I run out of the house, and blast into Carl’s room. He has just overdosed and is barely awake. He takes my hand, looks me in the eye, tells me I am magic, and then dies.

About a year after these memories return, half-way between sleep and consciousness, I relive my four-year-old self deciding that Carl’s death was all my fault. I jolt awake with tears streaming down my face realizing that my need to fix, the notion that it’s always my fault, and my sense of unworthiness were born the day Carl died.

My adaptations to negative experiences created superpowers: empathy, compassion, a desire to help, and the ability to see deeper patterns beneath the surface. Those experiences also created painful wounds.

A desire for healing motivated me to chase anything and everything that might help me feel better. I practiced yoga, received bodywork, did therapy, hypnotherapy, read books, sat ayahuasca ceremonies, did transformational workshops, NLP, Kambo, shamanic healings, meditation, and even walked 500 miles through Spain. Some of the modalities worked and some didn't.

Twenty-plus years of exploration revealed that the key to a better, happier life, lies in transforming the unconscious mind.

Today, I utilize a lifetime of experience, teachings from neuroscience, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, NLP, hypnotherapy, and personal development to bring the unconscious mind into alignment with conscious desire.

Healing my wounds brought about a deep sense of peace within myself and made everything easier. And I got to keep the superpowers!

Genea Barnes is a Certified Master Neuro Design Engineer, Certified Master Results Coach, Certified Transformational Hypnotherapist, and a Certified NLP Practitioner. She uses these tools as well as her experience, and teachings from personal development, mindfulness, transformation, and neuroscience to support her clients. Driven from joyful purpose and a mission of growth and expansion, Genea helps people to Elevate their lives.

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