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  • Holistic Nutritionist, Energy Healer, Awakening Coach, and Spiritual Teacher
  • I specialize in Ego Mastery, a proven method of personal development to help you overcome any challenge or problem you face in relationships, happiness, organizations, leadership, and in your personal evolution of consciousness.
  • I am experted in Enneagram, Spiral Dynamics, Ten Terrains, and Ego Development systems to help you discover your deepest self and bring awareness to your biases and blind spots.
  • I use a Chakra Healing system utilizing EFT that addresses the first 4 Chakras to resolve the stored pain, trauma, and shadow keeping you in reactivity and repetition of old self-sabotaging patterns.
  • I offer specialized nutrition/lifestyle/dietary supplement support for those suffering with chronic depression and/or anxiety.

Spiritual guidance and healing for radical inner change.

About you
1. You are a man, woman, non-binary individual or a couple, age 30 +
2. You struggle with any one or more of the following: depression, anxiety, reactivity, staying present, existential despair, general dysphoria; wanting to love & understand yourself, others, and the world around you more.
3. You must have interest or experience in mindfulness, meditation, and/or awakening and you don't mind "homework" between sessions. I am a very practice oriented coach so much of our work will be done through your own volition between sessions.

About me

Through many spiritual awakenings and many teachers, I have learned/practiced multiple systems over the the last 8 years to help myself and my clients end suffering and achieve powerful states of presence. Before that, I spent many years as a chronically ill, depressed person who had suffered profoundly. My ego was out of control - judging, criticizing, hating this or that about the world, and never feeling content no matter how high I climbed in the material world. It wasn't until I began a regular meditation and mindfulness practice that I was able to overcome the cause of most of my suffering and illness - my own ego. Through discovering what the ego was and what it was doing to keep me ill, I created Ego Mastery, a system for awakening which uses theories and practices collected from teachings and methods spanning scientific and mystical world-views. I have helped many achieve their most optimal states and I can help you too. If you are lost or confused on your path to personal fulfillment and would like to know and love your self profoundly, discover my simple system that will challenge you to your very being. If you're ready to deconstruct what in your mind isn't serving you, book a free 30 minute exploration call with me today.