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Adelee Mirelez
Adelee Mirelez

Hi, I am Adelee (pronounced like "a deli" sandwich :) ). I am a Spiritual Awareness and Empowerment Coach. I help people who are liberating themselves from religious dogma. I assist my clients in seeking to find who they are at their spiritual core. Clients who work with me have a safe place to come to explore, ask questions, receive tools, and build their own spiritual practices. As a result, clients who work with me find that they become more grounded, intuitive, and at ease within themselves and with their gifts.

My Spiritual background: I grew up Catholic, and have always been a seeker. As I grew into adulthood, I continued to seek. I married a Muslim man and when he asked me to convert to Islam, I honestly sought, read the Koran, and realized that it was not for me. I continued to seek and landed on becoming a fundamental Christian for many years. When I realized that I had become judgmental and lost a lot of friends. I did some soul searching and decided to leave the fundamental Christian church, and found a group of people who were also seekers. Over 15 years into this journey, I keep finding new ways to deepen spiritually. I now practice Toltec Spirituality, have worked with various shamans and modalities, and believe that all paths lead to God.

I am also a certified firewalk instructor, ICF accredited coach, and I teach in the Warrior Goddess Training Circle. i take great joy in watching others develop their spiritual gifts and heal at deep levels.